A New Year’s Benediction

Genesis 32:12
      I will surely do thee good.

 WILLIAM JAY (1769-1853): “I will surely do thee good.” This is a blessed assurance with which to enter a new year, not knowing what a day may bring forth.

 C. H. SPURGEON (1834-1892): We are at this moment specially ready for a new year. The most of men have grown weary with the old cry of depression of trade and hard times; we are glad to escape from what has been to many a twelve-months of great trial. The last year had become wheezy, croaking, and decrepit, in its old age; and we lay it asleep with a psalm of judgment and mercy. We hope that this newborn year will not be worse than its predecessor, and we pray that it may be a great deal better.

 ISAAC WATTS (1674-1748): Does a new year commence, and the first morning of it dawn upon me? Let me remember that the last year was finished, and gone over my head, in order to make way for the entrance of the present: I have one year the less to travel through the world, and to fulfil the various services of a travelling state.

 WILLIAM JAY: Let us begin the year with a determination to abandon whatever appears sinful, and say, with Elihu, “If I have done iniquity, I will do no more,” Job 34:32.

 MATTHEW HENRY (1662-1714): Lord, grant that this year I may be more holy, and walk more closely than ever in all holy conversation. I earnestly desire to be filled with holy thoughts, to be carried out in holy affections, determined by holy aims and intentions, and governed in all my words and actions by holy principles. O that a golden thread of holiness may run through the whole web of this year. I know that it is the will of God that I should be useful, and by His grace I will be. Lord, thou knowest it is the top of my ambition in this world to do good, and to be serviceable to the honour of Christ and the welfare of precious souls.

 WILLIAM JAY: Begin the year with fresh concern to be useful, and ask, with Saul of Tarsus, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” Let me look at my condition, my resources, my opportunities. How can I glorify God and promote the welfare of my fellow-creatures?

 C. H. SPURGEON: And may we as a church, as members of churches, as ministers, as deacons, mutually strive together for the faith of Jesus, and be edified therein! And may the Lord save the ungodly! If the last year is clean gone and they are not yet pardoned and forgiven, let not another year roll away without their finding mercy!…If Jesus has not made us new already, let the new year cause us to think about the great and needful change of conversion.

 WILLIAM JAY: Begin the new year with…personal dedication, and say, with David, “Lord, I am thine; save me.” Through Him Who is the way, yield yourselves unto God.

  J. R. MILLER (1840-1912): In the first days of a new year we all say to our friends and neighbours, “Happy New Year!” Our hearts are full of generous feelings and wishes for all we meet. But what can we do to give them a happy new year? We cannot compel their circumstances into fortunate adjustments, so as to produce happiness. Besides, we cannot know what would be the truest and best blessings for our friends. After all, the only really safe thing is to pray that God may be with them through the year, and may bless them in his own and best and truest way. He knows better than we do what is the best blessing.

FRANCIS RIDLEY HAVERGAL (1836-1879): What shall I wish thee?

Faith that increaseth, walking in light;
Hope that aboundeth, happy and bright;
Love that is perfect, casting out fear;
These shall ensure thee a Happy New Year.
Peace in the Saviour, rest at His feet,
Smile of His countenance, radiant and sweet,
Joy in His presence! Christ ever near!
This will ensure thee, A Happy New Year!

C. H. SPURGEON: Now may the Lord bless you, and lift up the light of his countenance upon you, and give you peace! May you, during this year of grace, receive much grace; and may you proceed onwards towards heaven!…And may the love of Jesus Christ, the grace of his Father, and the fellowship of his blessed Spirit be yours, my beloved, if ye know Christ, world without end. Amen. Now, my friends, in the highest and best sense, I wish you all a Happy New Year.


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