What you will read in the Bible Truth Chat Room is unique. The quotes you will find on this blog are the words of Christians from many eras, and from many different denominations and backgrounds, arranged as if you were reading the transcipt of a conversation. To our knowledge, never before has there been a usage of quotation in such a particular conversational style. To learn more about how this blog actually came to be developed in its present form, we invite you to read the history of it on the Blog Genesis page.
       The primary purpose of the Bible Truth Chat Room is not to provide devotional readings, although some of the postings that you will read on this blog will have a devotional aspect to them. These postings are designed to make Christians think, sometimes about things which they never have thought about before, or perhaps in ways in which they have not considered them previously.
       A secondary purpose of this blog is to introduce Christians to preachers and writers whom they may not have come across before in their reading. Christianity didn’t begin yesterday, nor was it confined to one church denomination. Many of the very best teachers that God has raised up to edify His people in their growth in grace, and in the knowledge of His ways, were given to His church in days long gone by. And although it is very hard to cut through all the religious “noise” of the internet, yet, since we are dealing with eternal truth, and a God who does not change, a man who touched other men’s hearts with truth centuries ago speaks to us today as much as he ever did to the people of his own time.
       Thirdly, over time this blog may serve as a quotation resource for preachers and teachers.
      For those interested in how this blog came to be developed, I recommend the Blog Genesis page, which you will find on the navigation bar.   But suffice to say that a  considerable amount of time, labour, and expense, has been required to produce these readings, and to continue to publish a new piece approximately every four days.  Therefore, if you get some measure of spiritual benefit from this blog, please consider supporting this work on Scriptural principles, for the workman is worthy of his meat,” Matthew 10:8-10, and, the labourer is worthy of his hire, I Timothy 5:18.  And so, donations are gratefully accepted.     
       In any case, may our Lord Jesus Christ bless these postings to your spiritual profit. 
                                                                                                                Bible Truth Chat Room

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